Happiness All Along

Saturday, 2 March 2019

The Right Way of Meditation (Book - Happiness All Along)

If it happens,
It happens for a reason.

If it doesn’t happen,
The reason might be bigger.

It’s your soul which knows,
When to fight and when to let it pass away.

To further immune yourself from getting affected by the results, you must build a strong inner self. Our inner self or soul is the purest form of ourselves. It's built on the values inherited at the time of our birth and gained from our surroundings during the childhood.

One of the biggest reasons of unhappiness is when people lose something with an emotional connect. The possession could be money, a costly item or even a relationship. It's difficult for people to cope up with the loss and thus they remain unhappy because of it.

A strong inner self will help you fight against the challenges yet maintain your calm. You will no longer feel threatened or insecure as earlier. Challenges are forever and you cannot avoid them however now you will handle them with confidence. You will understand the reasons for the challenges and whether you fight against them or let them go. It will help you connect with the outer world and make you realize your position in it.  

The way we train our body in the field and gym to make it robust and enduring, in a similar way, meditation is an activity to build your inner self. Meditation will not only help you become calmer but will also rejuvenate you. You will be a new you, who is unfazed by the difficulties surrounding him. You will be happier and would have a refreshed view of the life.

The purpose of the meditation is having control over all of your senses: hear, see, smell, taste and touch. There's a bigger sense which controls all these senses, which I call as 'Sense of Inter Connect'. 'Sense of Inter Connect' is the relationship between your ‘inner self’ with your ‘outer self’. It’s a relationship between what you are from inside with what you aspire to be from the outside. The stronger your inner self and if it also relates with your outer self in unison, then your 'Sense of Inter Connect' is strong. A strong 'Sense of Inter Connect' enables you to relate with the outside environment in a clear and effective manner.

Humans are the only living beings in this whole cosmos who have an immense power of thoughts. Man, through his brain has created the physical world but he also can create the spiritual world. A strong ‘Sense of Inter Connect’ helps you create the spiritual world. This spiritual world helps you in interacting with the nature.  

As per the law of physics everybody in this cosmos whether living or non-living has a natural frequency at which it is oscillating all the time. Even the overhead foot bridge has a natural frequency at which it oscillates all the time. They do not allow troops to march in a ‘perfect synchronous foot march’ on an overhead bridge as the frequency generated through march-past and the natural frequency of the bridge may match with each other. If that happens there is a high probability that bridge would collapse.

We relate with the cosmos through these frequencies. In common parlance you may call them as vibes. These are our natural frequencies which we disseminate every time we communicate with the outer world. The effect of them is clearer when we meet strangers. We not only communicate with them through verbal communication but also through these frequencies. Our ‘inner self’ which is the main source of these frequencies is always trying to relate with the frequencies of the others.  You may like a person when communicating on a phone, chat or video call but once you meet the person face to face, you find it very difficult to communicate with him. What’s the reason? The reason is our ‘inner self’ not able to relate with the ‘inner self’ of the other. It happens often that people do not know the reason of this disconnect as they are not able feel their ‘inner self’.

People whose ‘inner self’ are strong disperse frequencies which match with the cosmic world. There is a 2-level method of building your ‘inner self’ through meditation. In the first level you ‘master the pulses’ and in the second ‘regulate the breath’.


Find a calm corner in your house where you can sit every day for some time. Although you can practice this exercise anytime however the best time is before going to the sleep at night.
Step 1: The first level starts with feeling your pulse. Keep first finger of your right hand on the inner side of the wrist of the left hand. Press your finger on the vein and try feeling your pulse. It will take you few days to feel the pulse. Do not panic if you are not able to feel the pulse. Give yourself more time. Sometimes it may take a week to recognize your pulse. Keep it practicing it for 2 weeks more. The average time spent on this activity in a day should be around 15 minutes.

Step 2: Now give a break of 1 week to let things settle down. Start again, now you would hear your heart beats along with a distinct pulse. Keep it practising for 3-4 weeks.

Step 3: Once you keep practicing in a quiet & calm space, you will experience the desired effect. The heart beat and the pulse will resonate together i.e. you would stop hearing 2 distinct sounds but now will hear the heart beat and pulse in tandem.  This experience will soon spread to your whole body. You will experience the tandem vibrations all over your body. You feel that your body has no weight, the heart or the pulses have taken over your body. It would be something similar to a large blinking lighthouse where only the light is visible from a distance with the tower (body) shadowed by the light.     

Happiness is the feeling which everyone is looking for outside as they cannot find where is it hidden inside.


The second level is focusing on the breath.

Meditation is bringing the mind and senses under your control and guidance. You can achieve it by bringing your thoughts to a null and then focusing all your energies on ‘oneness’. Once you master it, every small vibration in your body merges to become one. Your heart, mind, eyes, skin and sense of smell converge at one point. You feel the reverberations generated by each part of your body. The frequency of these reverberations is close to the natural frequencies of the cosmic world. The more ‘frequencies of oneness’ are closer to the ‘natural frequencies’ of the cosmos, the closer will you relate to the outside world.

Step 1: Find a quiet place in your home or workplace. You may sit on the ground, chair or even the bed. Keep your shoulders relaxed, balanced upright posture and eyes closed. Fold your hands, palm on palm or can keep them on your knees. If you are keeping your hands folded, then they should be in the chest’s center. When you are keeping your palm on palm, then you should position it slight below the navel. In the third position, the thumb and the tip of the index figure should touch to each other while the wrist lies on the knee. The palms of the hands are facing upwards.

Keep doing this activity for a few days to a week every day for 20-30 minutes. You may find difficult to sit in this posture for even 5 minutes in the start. However, keep following the activity like a tight regime. The aim of this activity is to become enduring. Just sit and relax. You may find difficult to concentrate but never mind just keep sitting in the position as long as possible.

Step 2: The second step towards the meditation is clearing up your mind of all the thoughts, good or bad. You need to bring your mind to the null. This requires your mind to become as calm as possible. The external noise in the room should be as low as possible. You may put a pair of meditation ear plugs made of foam or silicone for reducing the noise. Close your eyes and focus in the center of your eyebrows. You would feel the calmness in your mind after few days of practice.

Step 3: Take fast and long breaths. Keep focusing on your breaths whether in or out. After one or two minutes of frantic breathing, lose control on your breaths such that the pace becomes slower and calmer. Keep focusing on the breath. Continue this practice for a few days to few weeks till you experience absolute calmness in your body and mind. Once you will get up from your meditation, you will feel refreshed and energetic.  

Step 4: Keep focusing on your breath however in parallel focus on your heartbeat as well.  You will experience that your body has become light and is reverberating in unison. This experience will be on higher echelons than the experience through mastering of pulses. When you experience the heart beat while keeping a tab on pulses you get a higher form of physical joyfulness. However, when you experience the heart beat while focusing on the breath, you attain a sense of your body becoming light wherein you feel your heart is the one and the only one source of the energy. You might get a feeling that your heart is you and you are the one in synchronous reverberation with the outside world. It is something like a star sparkling in a pool of stars in the sky.  

In scientific terms, heart function and breathing are the two activities of the body which are automatic. Even if you are unconscious, your heart and breathing will continue to pace in a regular fashion. The heart pumps the blood into the veins while breathing helps in the diffusion of oxygen into our blood stream. Both the functions are critical and are lifeline of each cell of the body. If the single cell is devoid of blood or oxygen, then it will cease to even exist.

Mastering your pulses and regulating your breathing thus gives you control over each and every single cell of the body. When you can synchronize breathing and heart pulses, your body, in fact every single cell of the body emits the same frequency, which can synchronize with the frequency of the cosmos. The experience at that moment is beyond words. It is more to experience than to understand. Achieving this state may take a few weeks to few months.

A word of caution here is to practice meditation in guidance of a Guru. A Guru can only make you understand it step-by-step and help realize the potential.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Welcoming Happiness


A husband and wife were struggling to keep up the pace with the city of Mumbai. They belonged to a small taluka Srirampur in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra. They had come to Mumbai expecting a decent career and living. However, they were losing themselves day by day in the overcrowded local trains and work pressures of the office. The wife who was a trained nurse was working in a nearby hospital. The husband who was a diploma holder from an engineering polytechnic worked with a software organization as a programmer. They lived a very humble lifestyle such that they could fulfill their dream of owning a flat in Navi Mumbai. Both husband and wife tried to save money in every small thing. The wife took tuition classes in the evening and husband took an assignment for the weekends just to earn extra money. They both wanted to invite their parents and relatives for the griha pravesh (housewarming) ceremony. As the day came near, they sent out the invitations to family and friends. They wanted everyone to join in the celebrations. It thrilled everyone as they could settle themselves in Mumbai. However, their happiness was short lived. They received a call from the builder just 4 days before the event to deposit an amount of 1 lac rupees. The couple had no option other than depositing money as they did not want the builder to harass them. It left them with no money for the celebrations. They had taken a loan from almost everyone known in their circle for buying the house thus could not ask for help. The couple was highly anxious. The situation could have led to a loss of face in front of friends and family.

"I think we should postpone the event. Have no money left to take care of the guests," husband said to wife.

"I understand but we cannot postpone the event as the day is very auspicious. Have to do the griha pravesh the same day", said the wife.

"Well, in that case, let's call our parents only for the pooja (ceremony prayer). We will tell rest of the people that have postponed the celebrations," said the husband.

"We should respect and welcome happiness," said the wife.

"What do you mean?", enquired the husband.

"When happiness is around you. We should bring it to our home by giving due respect to it. Our friends and family members are looking forward to the event. We must not stop them," said the wife.

"You do not understand. We have no resources to welcome them", said the husband. He also wanted to welcome the guests but the tough situation was forcing him to backtrack.

After a constant push from wife, the husband yielded to the wife's wishes. They canceled the tent, caterer and got the advance refunded back to them. The wife called upon her close friends to help cook food for over 100 guests for the event. They requested the builder to allow them to host the event in the garden. When he came to know about their situation, he refunded 20,000 rupees as a gift to them.

The guests appreciated the hospitality of the couple. The flat owners in the society also joined in the ‘pooja ceremony’ and gave their best wishes to the couple. Everyone who attended the event praised the couple's effort in managing the event well and blessed them for peace and prosperity.

Happiness is a state of mind. It's a way of reacting to the situations we face. One situation may bring a smile to your face and discomfort on the other. A poor person may feel happy that he had a stomach full today. The other poor person may feel unhappy even after stomach full thinking about the next day.

Our barometer of success is ‘in comparison with others’. Our idea of happiness also has become ‘in comparison with others’. We will be happy at one moment but will become unhappy the same moment if we come to know someone known to us has gained a worthy possession. It doesn't matter the other person is a close relative, a neighbor or a poor person working for us. We form opinions basis what the other person has to show-off without caring to know the background of the same. In the process we get hurt as we feel this person is not worthy enough to deserve it. We keep ridiculing the other person and keep hurting ourselves for the same. What we do not consider, what the other person would have gone through to achieve success.

Once we understand that whatever challenges we face will not last a lifetime and even if they last for a lifetime, feeling sorry for yourself will not help, anyway. This will help you cope up with the pressures of life and be an overall positive person. Your outlook and the way to deal with the situation will change. This will make you calmer and at ease.  

from the book

Happiness All Along

eBook Link : https://amzn.to/2RJo1OY
paperback link - http://bit.ly/pothihaa